Version 0.2.5

  • AI: fix frequent ground crashes, improve yaw/roll behavior in precise attack/formation mode
  • Prevent player from getting 200% trust by typing 'a' beyond 100%
  • Fix memory leak related to coastline 'foam'
  • water using vertex/fragment shaders
  • realistic day time simulation (colors, lightpos etc)
  • switch back to dynamic lighting
  • avoid opengl's buld in clipping for coastline, use own clipping instead
  • implementation of simple LOD for terrain mesh
  • many smaller changes, restructuring, code rewriting, bug fixes

Version 0.2

  • Implementation of kind of GUI toolkit / framework
  • start with a GUI, main-, settings- and instant action menu
  • add some polygons for coastline
  • add an option for joystick number to use
  • add an option for joystick / keyboard sensitivity
  • probably added some more options ...
  • terrain engine uses CPU-multithreading now
  • Improvement to flight model, including proper equations of motion and added lateral modes (roll/yaw battle), improved short period pitch mode and more ...
  • adapt AI for flight model changes
  • fix frustum culling for widescreen resolutions
  • add a sky sphere for realistic sky shading
  • improve fog behavior, add far distance alpha fading for terrain

  • and so on ...


  • Hmm, a quick fix, see regarding news in the news section.

Version 0.1.5

  • Reimplementation of parts of the terrain rendering engine
  • (higher terrain resolution for mountains, static lighting, coastline integration, extensive use of (dynamicly managed) vertex array)
  • new options related to recent changes of the terrain rendering engine
  • AI change ... make bandits less agile to make things easier ... temporarely ...

Version 0.1.4

  • add new options for disabling vertex arrays and detailed coast line
  • add a progress view to loading screen
  • improve physics related to starts/landings
  • preparations for menu loop, fix several memory leaks, memory leak check
  • high resolution coastline based on precalculated (by some kind of midpoint displacment) display lists.
  • some changes for terrain engine in order to improve performance with higher view distances
  • differ between fog and terrain distance, use far clipping plane to avoid hopping
  • changes to options and setting.cfg file
  • use vertext arrays for certain terrain tiles
  • Some work on textures and terrain
  • frustum culling adaption for widescreen resolutions, underwater coastline
  • sky should reach farer to 'make a horizon' on high altitudes
  • some work on textures

Version 0.1.3

  • AI: Implement some attack (yaw/pitch mode) and defense (panick mode) tacktics
  • AI: improve ground crash prevention
  • Make AI fighter able to roll a little (toward it's target) during turning.
  • Make use of rudder possible.
  • One can now use both Y and Z key for throttle decrease.
  • Do not use linear fog any longer (avoid problems with large triangles on older graphic cards).
  • fix frustum culling (tiles disapeared when flying at high altitude)
  • fix integer overflow caused disapearing aircrafts if higher view distances choosed
  • disable padlock if a opponent aircraft got killed
  • enable use of more than one opponent aircraft

Version 0.1.2

  • Implementation of basic enemy AI, suitable for dogfights, still not very marture. The enemy planes can do various roll/turn combinations in order to get behind your or avoid you to get behind them. It also will try to avoid a ground crash. There aren't yet special defence/attack tactics.
  • change fire key from 'C' to 'SPACE'
  • make it possible to use the joystick butten for fireing

Version 0.1.1

  • implement using the SDL for input and timer handling and window creation. This replaces the X/Linux specific stuff. (The possibility to use X/Linux specific stuff and libJSW for joystick input is still contained in the sourcecode and one could reactivate it sometimes, i.e. independency from SDL if wanted from somebody)
  • Windows port
  • Check if used openGL extensions are available, else disable certain features which use these extensions (Multitexture with more than two textures, dot3 for bumpmapped water, vertex buffer objects (VBO's))
  • for Windows, get extension related function pointers (else it would not work at all)
  • implement framerate limitation differently (platform independent)
  • additional joystick calibration (only if SDL is used)
  • make joystick axes invertion possible (with a new settings oprtion
  • add an ingame menu (unfortunately not yet beautiful) to access functions like joystick calibration and programm exiting
  • implement possibility to pause the game (to be able to make screenshots or so)
  • loading screen, though very ugly
  • maybe something more ...

Version 0.1

This is the first release.

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