October 9 2012 : version 0.2.5


January 5 2012 : Emergency fix ....

There was a serious issue when running version 0.2 on windows 7, at least on my new laptop which has windows 7 installed. It causes freezes if one runs the simulation more than once without leaving we UI (no program restart). Because of this there is a new windows version Good luck ...

March 5 2011 : 0.2 is out - download here.

Now it got a graphical user interface. Beside this the flight model / physics are improved.
And, of course, lot's of more changes.

June 5 2010 : Bugfixed version for recently released 0.1.5

There is a problem with (certain) ATI drivers to cope with 3 byte colors (without alpha) when used with vertex arrays. This is fixed now by using 4 Bytes.
0.1.5 is replaced by

June 3 2010 -> New version 0.1.5

This are changes for the terrain rendering engine, so now there is a higher
resolution (more here).

Looks like this.

July 26 2009 -> New version 0.1.4

This are improvements to terrain rendering engine, some internal (performance ...) and some visible ( detailed coastline). (changelogs).

February 15 2009 -> In between development snapshot 0.1.3

This are some minor changes, multiple opponnents, an enabled radar screen and further AI improvements (changelogs).

December 10 2008 -> Release of 0.1.2

Now the enemy aircraft got a basic AI implementation, making a dogfight possible. So the whole thing starts to feel like a game. Try to get you behind the bandit an shoot at them (SPACE key or joystick button ...). Note that it helps very much to use the padlock view by pressing (and holding) the ALT key.
For a more complete list of changes see, where else?, here: changelogs.

November 18 2008 -> Release of 0.1.1

The changes for this release are mostly technical stuff. I got rid of some libs which make a windows port impossible. Thanks to the SDL this was not a very hard thing to do. And as one can expect, there is a Windows port. Most time was spent on searching a compiler, at the end the Dev++ IDE was choosed.
See also the changelogs.

October 27 2008 -> Release of 0.1

The first version is available for download. The whole thing is still very alpha, one can fly around, looking at the environment. Some opponent aircrafts are also flying there, you can shoot them down but AI is still missing.
And it runs on Linux only.

September 2008

I decided to make a new project hosted on soureforge (include making it open source). It is based on something what was developed over several yaers, with more or less activity, sometimes half forgotten. It also means some reimplementation of the old stuff, this is still in progress.

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